Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I've got Sunshine..... OH I mean LEMON OIL!!!!!

One of the first oils I bought was Lemon Oil... but I honestly have had no idea how to use it... so I thought I would do some research to give me and you some FANTASTIC ways to use it and also gain some knowledge on it! HERE WE GO!!!!

This oil is sometimes referred to as “Liquid Sunshine” and for good reason. It is versatile with a well-established history for its use. This essential oil powerhouse is unique in that it is not steam distilled; instead, it is cold pressed to preserve its delicate nature. Under extreme pressure, the rind reluctantly gives up the liquid sunshine in its untainted, wholesome form.

Lemon Oil has properties of: antidepressant, anticancer, anti-fungal, antiseptic, antiviral, antioxidant, astringent, refreshing, invigorating and tonic.

Historically it has been used to combat food poisoning, typhoid epidemics, malaria, and scurvy. It has also been used to lower blood pressure, help with arthritis, liver problems, and muscular aches and pains.

It can be used:
  • Topically – Can be applied neat directly to the area of concern or to reflex points. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight after application.
  • Aromatically – Diffuse.
  • Internally – Take internally with gel capsules, drop in water, or take with honey or food.
Here are some uses:
  1. Mix 6 drops of lemon oil and 6 drops of the Purify oil blend in a spray bottle, along with distilled water, shake well to disperse the oils and spray into the air, to help freshen the air in the bathroom.
  2. To remove gum, oil, grease spots or crayon, rub with 1-2 drops of lemon oil.
  3. Use 1 drop of lemon oil to add flavor to baked goods or beverages.
  4. For homemade lemonade, mix 2 drops of lemon oil, 2 tablespoons of honey and two cups of pure water in a blender.  Adjust the amount of each ingredient to suit your own taste. 
  5. For corns, callouses or bunions, rub on a drop of lemon oil, mornings and evenings.
  6. To clean and increase the shelf life of fresh fruit, fill a bowl with cool water and 2-3 drops of lemon oil.  Drop your cleaned fruit into the water and stir.  Be sure all surfaces of the fruit contact the lemon water.  If you have an apple, and only want to eat half of it at that time, you can also put a drop of lemon oil on the part you want to save.  It will prevent oxidation (browning) of the fruit, and adds a really nice flavor to the apple.
  7. To sterilize cutting boards, counter tops, cupboards and table tops, add 2-3 drops of lemon oil to water and spray them.  Or, you could just add the oil to a pan of water, soak a cloth in it for wiping down surfaces.
  8. To disinfect your dishcloth and kill germs, soak it overnight in a bowl of water with a drop of lemon oil.
  9. Add a drop of lemon oil to your dishwasher before the wash cycle.
  10. Rub a drop of lemon oil on your hands after using a public bathroom.
  11. Use a paper towel, soaked with several drops of lemon oil, to sanitize bathroom fixtures.
  12. Place a drop of lemon oil on cold sores, herpes or other mouth ulcers, to lessen pain and aid healing.  (What also works wonders for this is melissa oil.)
  13. Put a drop of lemon oil on gums that are bleeding because of gingivitis or tooth extraction.
  14. Put a drop of lemon oil on oily skin or acne, to balance sebaceous glands (oil glands).  It offers other benefits for the skin, and can be added to lotions or creams to improve skin tone and texture.
  15. Rub several drops of lemon oil on cellulite, to improve circulation and help eliminate waste from the cells.
  16. Rub two drops of lemon oil topically onto the feet, to clear athlete's foot.
  17. Rub several drops of lemon oil on varicose veins, to improve circulation and relieve pressure on the veins.
  18. Rub a drop of lemon oil on a wart, morning and night, until it disappears.
  19. Rub a drop of lemon oil to clean a butcher's block or other cutting surfaces. 
  20. Put 10-15 drops of lemon oil in each gallon of carpet cleaning solution, to help pull out stains and brighten the rug.  This also leaves a fresh smell in the room.  Mixing several drops of lemon oil into baking soda, and sprinkling it over the carpet before vacuuming is also very effective.  (It works for your dog, too; just sprinkle and brush!!)
  21. Add a drop or two into your water for a great way to keep your system flushed.
Important: Make sure you use only glass, ceramic or stainless steel. The potency of the essential oil will pull out petrochemicals from the plastic, and you don’t want to ingest those.