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Essential Oils for Skin Care ( one of my favorite subjects!!!!)

by aerlynpfeil
Our skin is the largest organ of the body and it is extremely absorbent. Essential oils are soluble through lipids in the skin making them easily absorbed. The effectiveness of essential oils is due to their ability to penetrate the skin.

They have a small and simple molecular structure, and when applied to the skin, they pass into the fluid surrounding the cells beneath the skin’s surface. Essential oils are able to pass through this barrier and affect the skin at its generation level. Depending on the characteristics of the oil, the skin can be stimulated, calmed, purified or balanced. In addition, the essential oils will act as a ‘transporter’ when combined with other beneficial ingredients such as vitamins or herbal extracts. As the oil is absorbed into the skin, it will take small amounts of these other ingredients with it. This is why it is important for the other ingredients to be safe and pure. When you begin to use essential oils in your skin care routine, it is important that your other beauty products are as safe and pure as possible. When used as a part of your beauty regime, essential oils can reduce inflammation, protect against infection, reduce wrinkles and sooth irritation.

Purity is of utmost importance. It is very difficult to find truly pure essential oils and adulterated oils can have disastrous side affects (chemical burns, allergic reaction, toxic overload). We use doTERRA certified pure therapeutic grade oils because in addition to being 100% pure and natural, doTERRA’s essential oils are subjected to further quality testing that ensures the correct composition of the active natural compounds found in each oil.
It is first most important to drink plenty of water, get a good night’s sleep, eat foods high in vitamins and minerals, and exercise.  Once you have a strong foundation of health bringing essential oils into your skin care routine will accentuate your healthy glow.  Below, you will find some ideas for using essential oils for skin beauty care.
Clary Sage contains plant chemicals which are very similar to human hormones and act as “hormone precursors” – the human body can convert them to whatever it needs at the time. Clary Sage is helpful to skin where there is a hormonal imbalance acting in concert with a skin issue. recent medical studies show just by smelling Clary Sage raises balances estrogen/progesterone levels. It is also an antifungal, antitunormal , and antioxidant. *Avoid during pregnancy.
Cypress reduces scar tissue, reduces varicose veins, strengthens blood capillaries, and reduces cellulite. Use on bruises or dark, puffy under eye circles. Can be mixed with mineral or distilled waster and used as a toner.
Clove eradicate warts, corns, bunions. Antifungal. *Hot oil. Take care applying to skin.
Eucalyptus is similar to tea tree oil (below), eucalyptus is well known for its ability to clear blackheads and blemishes and create smooth skin. Soothing to cold sores and other painful blemishes.
Frankincense combats premature aging. Reduces stretchmarks. Smooths wrinkled or rough skin. Antitumoral. Combats herpes, inflammation, and cancer. *Tends to pull out toxins and cancers. Breakout may occur if overused.
Grapefruit tightens and tones the skin. Reduces the appearance of cellulite. Evens out skin tone and reduces the appliance of discoloration from Melasma.
Geranium revitalizes skin tissue and balances the sebum, which is the sebaceous glands of the skin that keep it supple. Cleansing to oily skin and restores pale skin. Reduces the apperance of broken capillaries and varicose veins. Combats skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, herpes, shingles, fungal infections and hormone imbalances. Wonderful for expectant mothers to reduce stretch marks and kelly belly skin supple as it grows. Excellent for dry or oily skin as it will bring the skin to balance. A wonderful oil to apply to the face daily.
Helichrysum dissolves hematomas (blood clots). Reduces scar tissue and skin discoloration. Chelates chemicals and toxins.  Regenerates tissue and nerves. Improves circulation and skin conditions (eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis).
Lavender is often called the “universal oil,” good for everything and harmful to none - unless you’re using hybrid lavender or an artificial substitute. Lavender is good for the skin, soothing and calming, and extraordinarily healing for burns and blemishes, but is very drying. Real lavender is very difficult to find and labels can be misleading.  When shopping for essential oils take special care to locate a product that is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade like doTERRA essential oils.
Lemon and other citrus oils are healing and restorative to the skin. A dab of lemon oil, in particular, is one of the fastest ways to clear up acne and excellent at unclogging pores. *Citrus oils may discolor (like a sunburn) if exposed to direct sunlight.
Myrrh was well-known in the ancient world as a balm and was used to treat almost everything. This thick, resinous essential oil is often considered invaluable for treating rashes and blemishes caused by warts, eczema, and bacteria. Great for chapped skin, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Can be used to clear up ringworm, fungal infections, and candida induced rashes.*Inferior quality myrrh, processed from the resin, can contain solvents and chemicals that make it unsafe to use directly on the skin. When shopping for essential oils take special care to locate a product that is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade like doTERRA essential oils.
Sandalwood oil has a mild fragrance and is extremely moisturizing. One of the ancient healing oils used for the skin in Biblical times, it is helpful for removing wrinkles and scars and renewing tired skin. Soothing to herpes, shingles, cold sores, acne, and warts (HPV). Apply to sunburn to help reduce the risk of skin cancer.</span>
Tea Tree (Melaleuca) is useful for cleaning and soothing blotchy skin or acne. Great for fungal infections and other skin irritations. It helps heal blemishes and relieves congestion in the skin. Use as an astringent and/or wash.
Wild Orange balances a dull or oily complexion and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Medical studies show D-Limolene (present in orange) to have antitumoral and anticancer properties. *Citrus oils may discolour (like a sunburn) if exposed to direct sunlight.
Patchouli prevents wrinkled/chapped skin, relieves itching, and great for skin conditions like eczema and acne. Extremely antiinflammatory.
Rosemary reduces black heads and closes open pores. Encourages hair growth by increases blood flow. *Do not use if you tendencies towards low blood pressure.
Ylang Ylang is a general beauty tonic, hormone balancing, great for hair care, smoothes split ends, and promotes thick shiny hair.
Roman Chamomile is great for any kind of rash or skin irritation. Very soothing and gentle. use for eczema, acne, burns, rashes, and rosacea.
Clear Skin is one of doTERRA’s roll-on blends it helps rashes, bites, blemishes, discolored skin spots, cuts and scrapes, clears fungal infections.
Oregano prevents unhealthy growth in moles, gets rid of warts, parasitic rashes, athlete’s foot, apply directly to specific area only. *Very Hot oil, take care when applying to skin
Peppermint is soothing to poison oak, rashes, poison ivy, and other itchy skin conditions. 

Melissa is effective against herpes simplex lesions, cold sore blisters, eczema, chicken pox rash.

*Hot oil. Take care applying to skin. Dilution with Carrier Oil Needed *Avoid during pregnancy
Please always check if a carrier oil should be used with the oil to avoid discomfort! 

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