Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Marjoram is what????

I was sitting with my husband tonight while he looked at the doTERRA product list when he asked "What is Marjoram?" I then so smartly replied "I don't know.... I think you can cook with it."
So now is the lucky day when we will all find out about MARJORAM!!!! :)

Marjoram is most well known as a culinary herb, but has some valuable medicinal uses.  It is closely related to oregano, and has similar properties.  Marjoram is often thought of to address sore muscles, joints, sprains, and back pain as it is a natural muscle relaxant. It also has respiratory and digestive uses.  It is also often used for tension headaches or migraines.  Similarly marjoram is effective relieving stress and helping insomnia. DōTerra Marjoram Essential Oil is steam distilled from the flower and leaf of the plant.  The plant is grown in Hungary.

Ways you can use Marjoram are: Mix 1-2 drops with agave, honey, water, or juice for minor stomach complaints of indigestion.  Marjoram is certified as GRAS by the FDA.  Apply topically with massage to address sore muscles or joints.  Apply direct to sprains, sore backs, or necks for antispasmodic effects. Use diffusion or direct massage to the chest, neck, and lymph nodes at the onset of cold and flu or respiratory distress symptoms. Use topically with massage to the lower back and abdomen for menstrual issues.  Menstrual issues and stress relief can also be addressed adding marjoram to a warm bath.

Use with care during pregnacy.

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